If your are wondering what I’ve been up to lately, check out the “Bumblebee” project…

After Rose finished 4th in her first duathlon and I could tell she was hooked, I decided to start putting together a tri-specific bike for her birthday in September.  I had enough parts lying around from my own bike upgrades, so I’d just need to get a frame, wheels, and a few other small parts to build up a complete bike.  I thought it would take a few months to find the right frame, but I found an incredible deal within the first few days.

At Rose’s height (5’0″), there aren’t many bikes. Manufacturers usually have to spec bikes of this size with nonstandard parts (eg, 650c wheels and 165 mm cranks), which makes production more costly and difficult. Thankfully, a few manufacturers like Felt and Trek realize the potential of this market (aka, small women doing triathlons), so they continue to develop and produce bikes in XS sizes.

I found a “like new” Felt S22 frame on from a seller whose wife had upgraded to a nicer frame.  She was only about an inch taller than Rose, so I figured it would fit well. It’s a great entry level aluminum frame with carbon fork and seatstays.  Plus, it has a “chick-friendly” black and yellow paintjob.  Now, I just needed to get Rose some race wheels, a crank, and shifters, because I could pull the other parts from leftovers from my own bike upgrades.  After scouring eBay and internet forums, I give you the completed “Bumblebee”. Rose absolutely loves it and has noticed a big difference with the aero position vs a standard road bike.

Amazingly, Rose has gotten more compliments about her custom bike than she would have with a brand new Cervelo, and the “Bumblebee” is 1/3 the price and 3 time cooler!

Frame = Felt S22 (48 cm), lightweight aluminum with carbon seatstays
Fork = Felt carbon aero
Handlebars = Profile Design Cobra carbon base bar/T2+ Cobra carbon aerobars
Stem = Profile Design Cobra (90 mm)
Crank = Shimano 105 FC-5600 (165 mm, 50-39)
Cassette = Shimano Dura Ace CS-7800 (12-23)
Chain = Connex Wipperman 10-speed
Front Derailleur = Shimano Dura Ace FD-7800
Rear Derailleur = Shimano Dura Ace RD -7800
Shifters = Shimano Dura Ace SL-7800 Bar End
Brakes = SRAM Force
Brake Levers = SRAM carbon TT levers
Seat = Felt
Seatpost = Felt aero carbon
Pedals = Speedplay Light Action (cro- moly)
Handlebar Tape = Forte Cork (yellow)
Wheels = Zipp 400, 58 mm carbon tubular rims (650c, circa 1996)
Tires = Vittoria Open Corsa CX tubuars (650×21)




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  1. nice wheels! I have the S22 as well and I’m not sure if it’s 2007. The frame looks identical same carbon rear stays, the graphics are slightly different. S22 is on the seat tube and airo is on the top tube.

    are those carbon zip wheels?

    This bike is pretty fast. It’s not the lightest, but it’s a great bike.

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